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NH Rental Housing. Can you help Kate for a few minutes?


Received this yesterday: 

"Hi Mike!

Thanks for taking a class with us!  (EPA RRP)

We have a lot of projects and one of them is the NH Housing Rental Survey.  This year we have got a system to make it easier than ever to enter your data.  Would you please have someone in your office click on the links below to get you a copy of last year's survey and enter your data into this year's information?  We are nearly at the end of our time window for gathering the data this year.

I really appreciate it!

I've copied the info below from a previous email that I sent you to be sure that we have the correct personal link - the first link is to LAST YEAR'S survey and the second link is to take the new one for this year

 I feel that it is one of the important things we do for landlords every year.  Here is a link to last years' survey.

We would really appreciate it if you would help us by addin