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Revised Testimony against Rent Control/"Stabilization"


Hello Everyone,

    This version of our testimony on rent control and rent stabilization is improved. And I include the email addresses of the Housing Committee members at the bottom. You can copy and paste the email addresses into the “TO” line of your email. A pdf version is also attached. We are open to suggestions. Thanks for your help.

Small Landlord Letter   No. 27   November 12, 2023

  By Skip Schloming, Ph.D. & Lenore Monello Schloming, M.A., 50 years as small landlords, 23 years as leaders of the Small  

  Property Owners Association (1996-2021).  617-354-2358

Rent Control Harms EVERYONE

Only landlords pay for rent control? Hell, no! Everyone pays.   

Single-family owners, condo owners, ALL multifamily owners PAY