Mold concern?


Don’t forget our report sheet format, the 3 Column: WID - WH - WIWIHD      (What I Did? - What Happened? - What I Wish I Had Done!) Organizes your thoughts & Prepares you to NOT make that same 1st decision.


Next, Don’t freak out. Mold is everywhere, all the time, like most bacteria & it’s similar to viruses, like the cold virus, everywhere, all the time. So why aren’t we all sick all the time. Because we’ve built up an immunity and most often we’re infected when we’re run-down, tired or not eating right.  Back to Mold, which has been around forever, it’s even mentioned 17 times in the Bible! If you don’t think it’s around, leave a piece of bread on your kitchen table for a week, you’ll see mold. If you don’t see mold they’ve probably put too many preservatives in it & it may not be good for you?


Incidentally, when I’m Buying a Property it’s Deadly Black Mold that We’ll have to have remediated by experts in Tyvek suits and filtered breathing apparatus. It’ll cost a fortune!!


BUT when I’m selling a property, a little Clorox™ diluted in warm water easily fixes it.


Here’s the procedure based on my experience and that of our members in the & Associations:

Find the source of water. Stop it. Remove ANYTHING that’s been wet or has any evidence of Mold. Soak the affected walls, ceiling & floors with Clorox™ diluted in warm water. Let it dry out thoroughly. Replace with new, the material that had mold on it.

If the area is prone to moisture? i.e.Basement, Basement Bathroom or Basement Wash area. Then install a Dehumidifier that is connected to a drain or condensate pump. NO Dehumidifiers that need to be emptied periodically.


You may also use those DampRid™ or Arm & Hammer™ desiccant, moisture absorbing bags that hang with your clothes. Make sure you write the date on them, so you know how often they’ll need to be changed.


Then of course, monitor the area over time.


Plumbers say the #1 cause of water in the basement is that your yard topsoil is NOT pitched away from your foundation.

If however the water is coming in from your foundation lower walls or floor, then you may need a “B-Dry” or “French Style” type of drain below the floor and piped to a sump & pump at the low point of your basement.


Word of caution!

Before you EVER report any damage to your Property Insurance carrier make sure you call Len Theran 617-610-3393 Professional Loss Adjusters, FIRST! Most Property Insurance Companies have Intake Staff on a recorded line with checklists and questionnaires designed to have you coaxed into accepting liability and indemnifying the Insurance Company. Trust me you’re out of your league with these trained experts and are probably distracted, tired, concerned and will ask for their help as they “slip the financial noose, back, around your neck”


Here’s how that works: EVERY Insurance Company Reports EVERY Claim to the CLUE report** (Comprehensive Liability Underwriters Exchange). Especially those Claims Not Covered or Not Paid out. So when you report Mold on your Property, they’ll generously pay you $1500-3000 when you have a licensed Inspector verify the Mold. Have a licensed remediator remove any affected material and have the Inspector verify that the work has been complete. Then you’ll be sent your check, with the insurance companies limit and your deductible of course.


OK, relax, that problem is resolved never to bother you again.

Not exactly. Should you have mold again? The insurance company will review you on the CLUE report, see that you’ve had Mold before and they’ll claim it was never completely eradicated or the repairs weren’t able to prevent it. CLAIM DENIED.


When you go to sell the property, a buyer will contact an insurance company for a Property Insurance Binder only to find the new insurer has checked YOUR CLUE report and found that Mold Claim and will only issue you a Binder of coverage with a Mold Exclusion!


To review:

Call THE Loss Adjuster, Len Theran 617-610-3393 Review your Options with them. Only contact your insurance company if someone has been hurt or there’s EXTENSIVE Damage.

Next - Prevent any water leakage from recurring. Remove any and all affected material. Wash down with dilute Clorox™ bleach or Mold Armor™ “Mold Remover and Disinfectant, Inhibits Mold and Mildew”. Let it dry thoroughly. Replace that previously affected/removed material (wood, wallboard, carpet, etc) with NEW material. Install a dehumidifier piped to a drain or condensate pump and hang DampRid™, Arm & Hammer™ Desiccant bags in closets that are susceptible to moisture and lack of air circulation.




PS All the above Products are available at our favorite Home Depots and as Members of our associations & you're able to use your ProXtra account for ALL the Discounts and Benefits!

Email with any concerns!

Comment: Mike,

I have read a number of articles that say that all Clorox does is make things worse because it contains water and water is the enemy. I would suggest that I ask Sergio Rodriquez what he would do.

I have had clients use Clorox and while it removes some of the surface mold, it leaves a stain. 

Len, Leonard Theran
Professional Loss Adjusters, Inc.
343 Washington St., Suite 202, Newton, MA 02458
Cell: 617.610.3393  Office: 617.932.5192   FAX: 617.932.5194 

 Thanks Len, we contacted your recommendation Sergio Rodriguez 617-685-1858 RTG Plus Restoration Services. Mike

Comment: Hey Mike,

Speaking of the CLUE report, involved in Insurance Claims from water damage & it's restoration, don't let your members forget about our Credit Restoration!

Thanks, Harry Jacobs



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