Winter 2023 Prep!


Summary & my 2cents

Maximize your Heating Options: Gas, Oil, Wood burning, GeoThermal, Solar?

Inspect your Homes Exterior: Roof, Gutters, Downspouts (Water is directed AWAY from your Foundation!) Insulated Cover for ALL exterior faucets. (Frost Proof Sill Cock is Best!) 

Inspect your Furnace and Filter

Keep the Warm Air Inside: Weather stripping, Spray Insulation, Windows & Doors fit tight.

Prepare for Emergencies: Flashlights that work, batteries, Battery powered Radio, Prescriptions, Xtra Pet Food, (Bag of Sand, Shovel & Jumper Cables in your Trunk)

Cleaning up: Start your SnowBlower & Gas up also Call your Plow Guy. I start Every Winter with New Snow Shovels at each house (house # painted all over the Shovels, Extra Bags of Sand and Salt. and Advise Residents: I'll have someone here as soon as possible but if you need to get out in a hurry, here's the Shovels, Sand & Salt) 

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